Holland Energy 2050


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

These three steps can get you well on your way to helping the environment.


- Buy in bulk.
- Avoid large containers without a lot inside.
- Avoid things that you can't reuse after your done using them the first time.
- Buy things that will last you a long time.
- Make two-sided copies so your not wasting the back side.
- Decrease your junk mail by removing names from mailing lists.
- Use cloth napkins and dish towels and wash in cold water.


- Save paper and plastic bags, repair things around the house.
- Sell things in garage sales or donate them.
- Use resealable containers rather then bags and plastic wrap.
- Invest in the cloth grocery bags and remember to take them to the store with you.


- Buy products that are able to be recycled.
- Locate collection centers, or curbside pick ups in your area, like Priority Arrowwaste.
- Recycle paper; for example, Zeeland Christian has a PaperGator (only paper no cardboard).